Integrity, Innovation, Growth

Geerts Capital Investment is a real estate investment company based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, operating in the London and the surrounding market. Our core values are Integrity, Growth and Innovation. We use these core values to provide customer-focused services that will generate value for investors and grow revenue and equity through unconventional progressive business advancements. Geerts Capital Investment’s product is real estate.  Our capital and income growth comes from buying properties to renovate, refinance and rent out for monthly cash flow.
We leverage relationships with professionals to connect with property owners who have a problem. These property owners are our customers and our service is eliminating their problems in exchange for fair price.
We also strive to service our lenders and partners. These investors supply the capital to acquire and renovate properties in exchange for aggressive returns on their investment. Our commitment to our investors is to generate high returns disproportionate to the risks. This is achieved by acquiring properties with opportunity to improve and performing due diligence to ensure our costs and disposition values are calculated conservatively. We educate our investors so they can feel comfortable with the investment deals, possible outcomes and to ensure that they understand the extent to which we’re protecting their investment.